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July 6, 2018 Crazy Things You Can Do in Magaluf
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April 24, 2018 Ways to Make the Most of a Trip to the Dominican Republic 10 Things NOT to Do in Aruba
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April 5, 2018 of Europe’s Strangest Attractions
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January 31, 2018 Most Impressive Fireworks Displays in the World of the Safest Travel Destinations in the World
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January 26, 2018 Tips for Traveling with MS Best Places to Watch the Super Bowl Outside the US
January 23, 2018 of the Oldest Hotels in the World Ways You Can Still Travel Comfortably After an Arthritis Diagnosis 12 Movie Sets You Can Actually Visit
January 18, 2018 Travel Tips for Globetrotters with Diabetes Countdown List of Nuclear States, Plus the Size of Their Stockpiles
January 17, 2018 14 Destinations That Will Be Very Popular in 10 Years
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January 15, 2018 Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip to Greenland, the ‘Land of People’
January 10, 2018 Up All Night and Spend 24 Glorious Hours in Tokyo
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January 5, 2018 Best Travel Destinations for Adventurers with Special Needs Stunning Pictures of Italy
January 4, 2018 50 Best Family Hotels in the World
January 3, 2018 Destinations That Will Be Very Popular in 10 Years
December 22, 2017 Tips for Savvy Plus-Size Travelers 10 Craziest Border Walls Around the World
December 20, 2017 Hours in London, England Disastrous Accidents At Disney Parks to Travel Every Month of the Year Countries With Most Censored Internet
December 19, 2017 Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous Landmarks Carved from Rock Hundreds of Years Ago
December 18, 2017 15 Worst Places to Visit on the Planet 50 Best Resorts in the World
December 15, 2017 Best Cruises for Families
December 14, 2017 10 Most Luxurious Resorts in Dubai
December 12, 2017 of Africa’s Most Amazing Places to Visit Things Not to Do in Kingston, Jamaica
December 11, 2017 Countries with the Most Modern Day Slaves
December 8, 2017 10 Most Gorgeous, Developed, and Affluent Cities in Africa the World in One of These 10 Amazing Cruises for Senior Citizens
December 7, 2017 How Different Countries Celebrate Christmas! *Weird Traditions*
December 5, 2017’s Best Wreck Dives for Scuba Lovers
December 4, 2017 Unique and Awesome Christmas Destinations Around the World Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences in Antarctica 10 Things to See and Do in Solomon Islands Reasons Why Jordan Needs to Be on Your Travel List
November 29, 2017 Caribbean Islands to Visit This Winter That Weren’t Affected by Hurricanes
November 27, 2017 Secret Swimming Holes You Have to Experience
November 24, 2017 Things to Do in ZAMBIA
November 23, 2017 Reasons to Take a Trip to Papua New Guinea
November 22, 2017 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Seattle The Incredible Sea of Plastic That’s Taking Over the Caribbean
November 17, 2017 10 Best Islands in the World According to Travelers Bridges Built by the Ancients That Are Still Used Today
November 16, 2017 Is Currently a ‘Stranger Things’ Installation in Bangkok’ll Get Better Service If You Sit in This Part of the Plane’s a Tennis Court in a 16th Century Church in Milan Can Climb on This Frozen Waterfall Travel Delays Could Be Three Times As Long This Year
November 15, 2017 Is Offering $12 Flight Deals Announces a Massive Commercial Plane Deal Are the Most Popular Thanksgiving Destinations Air Adds Some $99 Iceland Flights Airlines Is No Longer Serving Cuba Reasons Why You Need to Visit Djibouti Airlines Will Offer Flights to Iceland Things to Know Before Traveling to Sunny, Stunning Haiti
November 14, 2017 Can Now Go to Egypt’s Cursed Tombs of Hawaii’s Largest Airlines Shuts Down
November 13, 2017 Orlando Resort to Offer More Affordable Hotel Rooms to Offer the First Fully Private Plane Suites Is Hiring Someone to Explore and Report on Their Experiences U.K. Lodge Lets You Sleep in a Tiger Enclosure Gets a New Pod Hotel
November 10, 2017 Rockefeller Center Will Soon Be Renovated Are Seven Wonders of the World That People Aren’t Going To State Is a Experiencing a Surprising Surge in Tourism Areas of the Hollywood Hills are Banning Tour Busses Self-Driving Bus in Las Vegas Crashed on Its First Day
November 9, 2017 Is Trying to Attract More Business Travel Didn’t Do So Well in a Homeland Security Test Will Now Highlight Safety Concerns Is a Mysterious (and Maybe Haunted) Island in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean Paris River Cruise Is Just for Millennials Things NOT to Do in Uruguay Reasons to Visit Ethiopia
November 8, 2017’s a New Way to Explore the Polar Region City is Stepping Up their Security Will Soon Be a Zip Line Over the Las Vegas Strip Google Cars are Heading to Arizona is Restricting Access to Cruise Ships Formula 1 Grand Prix Destinations’s 15 Best Fast Food Chains That Aren’t American
November 7, 2017 Has a New Virtual Reality Theme Park Volunteer Programs Let You Stay in National Parks for Free U.K. Spa is Offering ‘Divorce Parties’ Air to Begin Service in New York Will Now Inform You About Wait Times at Restaurants
November 6, 2017 is Offering Awesome Deals for Holiday Travel to Know About Disney’s Pixar Land Continues Investing in Other Airlines is Increasing Flights to the Carribean is Becoming a Popular Destination for Stargazing Things NOT to Do in Estonia
November 3, 2017 Says U.S. Cities aren’t as Expensive as We Think Can Stay in this African Hotel that Looks Like a Bird Nest Geographic Teams Up With a River Cruise Line 10 Things NOT To Do in Lebanon Fined for Credit Card Breaches Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in Croatia to Build an Entertainment Complex at the Grand Canyon Have Been Shut Down
November 2, 2017 Voyages Reveals First Ship Details is Holding a Kindness Contest Orlando Might Be Planning a New Park Most Controversial Tourist Attractions in the World 10 Deadliest Tornadoes in United States History Is Expecting a Busy Thankgiving Will Soon Be Closed to Visitors in Australia
November 1, 2017’s App Just Got Way Better York Overturns Law that Banned Dancing Western Launches a New Signature Collection Arabia Wants to be a Major Tourist Destination Francisco is Now the Top Fine Dining City in the U.S.
October 31, 2017 is Going to Start Weighing its Passengers’s Actually a Good Time to Visit the CA Wine Regions Arabia Donated $1 Billion for Richard Branson to Go to Space Things NOT to Do in Aruba Introduces New Feature is Getting Rid of First Class on Certain Flights
October 30, 2017 Musk Shares Photos of L.A. Tunnel Project Dhabi Police Might Get Flying Motorcyles Is Adding More Seats to their Planes and Maine Might Switch Up Daylight Savings Will Have a Pixar Fest in 2018
October 27, 2017 Will Pay for Your Passport Is the Most Popular Activity for Outdoor Adventurers York Is Getting a Legoland Map Helps You Find the Best Beer in Europe Now Has a Self-Driving Bus Things NOT to Do in Bulgaria
October 26, 2017 Rico’s Tourism is Suffering Post Hurricane Item is On Sale at New York’s Baccarat Hotel it’s Illegal to Take Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night Wine Production is in a Slump Arabia is Building a $500 Billion City
October 25, 2017 is Now a Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom Entry Fees Might Go Up at U.S. National Parks to Get it First Underwater Restaurant 8 Types of Passengers Flights Attendants HATE’s a New World’s Smallest Hotel Best Steak Restaurants Around the World is Now Offering Hotel Booking 10 Activities While Relaxing in Bora Bora Things You Need to Know and See When You Visit Peru
October 24, 2017 Updated Apple Maps Can Help Navigate Airports Hotels is Heading to D.C. Travel Could Soon Require a Passport Suggests that People Travel for ‘Likes’
October 23, 2017’s Private Saunas Will Open to the Public for one Day Maldives Hotel Offers an Instagram Butler’s a New Spy Museum in New York Will Soon Have Flying Water Taxis of the New Flight Paths are Making Residents Mad’s 15 Best Dive Bars Stunning Island Vacations You Can Take Without A Passport
October 20, 2017 10 Most Haunted Places in the American South’s TWA Flight Center Will Become a Hotel Can Get a $1,000 Bagel in New York May Soon Be Banned From Checked Luggage Italian Town is Paying People to Move There is Experiencing a Hotel Boom
October 19, 2017 Airline is Facing a Champagne Lawsuit Myanmar Hotel Engulfed in Flames and Toronto are Partnering Up to Boost Tourism 10 Cool & Unusual Things To DO in Mongolia to Open World’s First Hologram Theater Travel Agency Has a Unique Way to Determine Your Ideal Vacation Spot
October 18, 2017 Will be a Christmas Feast at the Real Hogwarts British Pub Has Been Called the Best Restaurant in the World Hotel Has Hidden Plunge Pools of Hilton’s Early Properties Gets a Reopen’s App Gets a Convenient New Feature
October 17, 2017 Says Rideshare Services Add to Street Congestion Wineries are Already Rebuilding from the Fires Employees Can Now Work in Treehouses Airbnb-Branded Apartment Complex to Open in Florida Could Get Quieter
October 16, 2017 Helena Gets its First Regularly Scheduled Commercial Flight is What Would Happen if Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Erupted Cruise Travel is Back in Business Disney Resorts are Now Pet Friendly Brooklyn Hotel Has an Underground Coffee Shop Top 10 INSANELY HIGH Water Slides in the World! Things NOT to Do in Bermuda
October 15, 2017 10 Hidden Homes You Won’t Believe Exist
October 13, 2017 to Snag a Super Cheap Costa Rica Trip Florida Has Announced Some New Events Air and Air France are Partnering Up’s a Hotel in Kentucky that Welcomes Horses Security Could Change Following the Las Vegas Shooting 10 Worst Blizzards in US History
October 12, 2017 Will Soon Offer Flights to Hawaii are the Safest Cities to Live Around the World of Germany’s Large Airlines is Closing Cruises Now Offers Same Sex Weddings Cabos Wants Tourists to Know that it’s a Safe Place Things NOT to Do in Paraguay Reasons Why Rwanda Is Africa’s New Hot Destination
October 11, 2017 Beekman in New York Opens Private Suites Launches New Itineraries for Millennials Port of San Diego is Expecting a Busy Cruise Season Hotel in Australia Now Has a Dog Concierge World’s Largest Cruise Ship Will Soon be a Reality
October 10, 2017 Has Some Crazy Flight Deals Right Now’s Space Needle to Get a Room With a Glass Bottom is a Wes Anderson Themed Airbnb is Having a Flash Sale Things NOT to Do in Turks and Caicos
October 6, 2017 Travel App is Basically a Personal Assistant Bar Has Been Rated the Best of the Year Rico’s Tourism Department Reveals Plan to Get Back on Track News, the Hurricanes Might Create a Dolphin Baby Boom USE A SHOE!!! Comment Friday #50 Pantheon in Rome Will Start Charging Entry Fees
October 5, 2017 Welcomes Automated Checkpoint Lanes Ski Resorts are Renting Out Entire Mountains’s New Headphones Will Allow You to Understand 40 Languages Roo is Seeing an Increase in Visitors Best Babymoon Destinations in the US Around the World Private Jet Tour Sounds Nice of the Best Tech Tourism Destinations
October 4, 2017 to Open New Chocolate Museum Now Has a Pillow Menu on Flights Your Age Says About Your Travel Style’s Palm Trees Could be in Trouble Things to Know About Visiting Sierra Leone Announces New Wine Cruises
October 3, 2017 Airlines Might Never Lose Money Again New York Hotel is Offering ‘Crashpad Rooms’ Areas are Open at Rome’s Colosseum’s Now Possible to Live at Hogwarts Vegas Strip Goes Dark to Honor Shooting Victims
October 2, 2017 to See the Leonids Meteor Shower Debuts New Planes of the Florida Keys are Back Open for Business Hotel Has a ‘Sanctuary’ for Pool Floaties Square is Getting a ‘Hunger Games’ Themed Bakery Things to Do to Make the Most of Your Trip to Lithuania Things to Consider When Traveling to Cambodia
September 29, 2017’s Volcano Could Erupt Anytime is Designing Sleep Products for American Airlines are Being Warned Not to Travel to Cuba Airlines Offer ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ Deal Planes Could Be a Reality in the Next Decade Things NOT to Do in the Canary Islands
September 28, 2017 Things NOT to Do in Poland
September 27, 2017 Launches Celebrity Tours VR Headset is Made for Flying to Offer Free Messaging On Flights and Samuel Adams are Offering a Beer Tasting Flight Top 10 Futuristic Cities Being Built RIGHT NOW! Hits a Record Number of Visitors of the World’s Best Healing Hot Springs
September 26, 2017 10 Weirdest Places on Earth That Are Out Of This World! Best Places to Live and Teach English Abroad 10 Inside Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You to Find Out!
September 25, 2017 Hotels Launches New Wellness Program Rejects Uber’s License Renewal Request Sea Turtle Populations are Growing Again Wallet is Super Popular With Travelers York’s Airports are the Least Popular With Travelers Solo Things to Do in New Orleans
September 22, 2017 Has a Hostel Made of Sand Things NOT To Do in Singapore – Comment Friday #49 Technology Could Get Rid of Turbulence Porsche Yacht Costs $16.7 Million Make More Money on Baggage Fees than Ever
September 21, 2017 You Can Make Restaurant Reservations through Airbnb is Offering Great Deals on Flights to Greece 10 Most Destructive Hurricanes in U.S. History is Offering Some Post-Hurricane Promos’s Double Beds are Now a Reality Gore is the First Honorary Citizen of Trash Isles
September 20, 2017 Confiscated Goods are Not Necessarily Lost Forever Is Planning a Theme Park Based on Mayan Culture Travel Increases in the Fall Travelers Can Drop Off their Bags Before Going to the Airport Bourdain Explains What to Do About Food a Plane Reasons to Visit Malaysia at Least Once in Your Lifetime
September 19, 2017 Cameras Any Traveler Should Consider Customized Swimsuits Have a Pet Related Twist Carmel Remains a Unique Vacation Spot Must-Dos While Visiting Colombia’s Where to Find Cheap Europe Flights this Week New York Non-Profit Wants to Create a Three State Trail Network
September 18, 2017 Airline is Offering an “All You Can Fly” Pass to Paris Beach is Back in Business is Launching a Cat Cafe Train Has Raised its Volcano Alert Level Reasons Why You Need to Visit Cyprus Exciting Things to Do While in Martinique
September 15, 2017 Cruise Lines Donating Even More Money to Hurricane Efforts U.S. Might Get a Dark Sky Reserve Will Start Using Self Driving Cars in San Francisco Adventures Launches Eight New Trips’s Paradise Island Reopen Following Hurricane of California’s Highway 1 Will Be Closed Until Next Summer Longest Hiking Trail in the World is Now Open The Bermuda Triangle Is Hella Weird! 10 Reasons Why CHEATER!!! Comment Friday #48 Things to Do with Kids in Madrid
September 14, 2017 Has a Helpful New Flight Tool Trips in the U.S. are Getting More Popular is the Least Stressful City in the World Bermuda Resort is Guaranteeing their Weather Opens its First New Park in 50 Years
September 13, 2017 to Open a Floating Resort Inspired by Venice Railway Linking London and Tokyo Could Actually Happen Might Turn its Underground Tunnels into an Attraction Jetlines Announces Plans to Launch Low Cost Carrier Denver Airport Wants to Bring in Some Bison Exciting Things to Do in South Korea
September 12, 2017 Ownership Has Hit Record Levels Las Vegas Hotel Offers Silent Yoga Classes Hotel Says it Has the Most Comfortable Beds 10 Things to See and Do in Montenegro Port of Hamburg is Growing in Popularity for Cruise Stops Vallarta is Seeking Tax from Airbnb
September 11, 2017 App Will Alert You of Cool Stops Along Your Route’s Popularity for Medical Tourism Has Been on the Rise is Voted the Most Beautiful Country in the World Louvre Abu Dhabi to Open in November Attractions and Adventures in Bangladesh Things to Do with Kids in Toronto 10 Insane Houses That Defy Gravity World Closes Due to Hurricane Irma
September 8, 2017 Wants to Reduce its Tourism Numbers By Half Flights to Bali Worth Grabbing’s a Karaoke Ferris Wheel in Japan Should You Tip? – Comment Friday #47 Resort Will Have the Biggest Pool in North America is the World’s Tallest Outdoor Whisky Bar
September 7, 2017 Might Be the Best Tennis Camp there Is’s Where to Get the World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Meal are Now Allowed to Fly through Australia Largest National Park Hotel Rents Pet Fish to Guests Hotel Has a Room Service Robot
September 6, 2017 Bizarre Facts About the Bermuda Triangle 10 Mobile Homes That Will Blow Your Mind! Can Explore this Nevada Winery by Air Rica Has a Flourishing Craft Brew Scene Gibson’s Costa Rican Home is On Sale Historic Chalet Burned Down in Minnesota
September 5, 2017 Flags to Open Six New Roller Coasters to Open Large Park Under the Elevated Metrorail St. Ives is a Great Summer Destination Hotel Has Outlawed Straws to Iceland Can Plant Trees to Offset their Footprint
September 4, 2017 the Northern Lights from this Canadian Hot Springs to Know About Visiting Lima Might Be the Best Way to Keep Track of Your Suitcase Airlines Might Start Offering Cheap Europe Flights Canadian Cave Tour Will Offer You Some Alone Time
September 1, 2017’s Italian Food Park Sets an Opening Date New Booking Site Offers Great Hotel Discounts FREE SEAT on Airplanes! (How To) – Comment Friday #46 Switches Up Review Policy Announces Eco-Friendly Trains Announces New California Routes
August 31, 2017 Mobile Homes That Will Make You Rethink Your Stationary Lifestyle Partners With U.S. Polo Club Acquires Wellness Brand Exhale CEO is Basically Forcing His Employees to Take their Vacation Days Lightens Up Liquor Ban
August 30, 2017 Brewery Has Swimming Pools Filled With Beer Passports to Include Gender Neutral Option German Caves Named World Heritage Sites Airport to Allow Public Access Houses That Scoff at the Laws of Physics Offering $69 Flights
August 29, 2017 this Resort is a Scottsdale Favorite Center Announces Date of Tree Lighting Gorgeous Bali Bungalow Is Only $97 a Night Will No Longer Build Underwater Resort You Need to Know About Altitude Sickness
August 28, 2017 to Launch More Cuba Cruises‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Ride Will be Decorated for Halloween Most Destructive Hurricanes in US History Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in America City Airport Launching a Pod Hotel New App is Great for Business Travel Launches a New India Trip Might See Longer and Longer Flights
August 25, 2017 Flags Magic Mountain Will Now be Open All Year Cruise Wants to Help You Sleep Bar in Croatia Has Beer for Dogs How To Get FREE Wifi ANYWHERE!- Comment Friday #45! Best Destinations for Cricket Fans Deadliest Earthquakes in World History
August 24, 2017 Prince Exhibition to Open in London Announces a Sustainable Tourism Campaign Air is Offering $100 Flights to Europe are Being Vacation Shamed is Launching a Rewards Program is Having a Record Breaking Year in Tourism Best Destinations for Kitesurfing Fanatics
August 23, 2017 York’s Plaza Hotel is On Sale Best Places for Opera Lover Travelers Private Jet Trip Will Take You to Antarctica for One Day State Department Updates Mexico Travel Warnings is the Least Visited Country in the World Startup Wants to Reduce Airport Boredom 5 Weirdest Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
August 22, 2017 Hotels Launches Fitness Program Airlines is Upgrading their WiFi are the Top Hotels in the World Airways Now Has a Premium Dining Service British Food Delivery Service Arrives on Jetski 15 Busiest Airports in the World, #1 Will Surprise You Volcano Eco Lodge in Africa is a Must See
August 21, 2017 App Will Help You Pack for Your Vacation Parks Will Start Selling Bottled Water Again Arizona Restaurant is in a Cave Underground is Building Barriers Around Popular Tourist Attractions Things You Need to Do When Visiting Ecuador U.S. Could Get a New Budget Airline Bucket List Destinations for Baseball Fans Best Places for Electronic Dance Music Best BBQ Joints in Texas
August 18, 2017 Tombs Have Been Discovered in Egypt Cruises are Becoming More Popular Best Time to Visit Antarctica Offers Great Rates to Bermuda Beautiful Island in Scotland Has Been Abandoned Amazing Travel Experiences You Have to Do Before You Die Comment Friday #44 – Glass Boi Emoji!!!
August 17, 2017 Kayak Folds into a Backpack Adds More Cuba Trips to Expand in the U.K.’s is Opening a Spa for Chocolate Lovers Welcomes a Record Number of Tourists
August 16, 2017 to Increase Presence in China Stay VIP at this Mexico Resort Take Longer Trips But Spend Less Entry Could Get Even Easier Beverly Hills Hotel Now Has a Daybed Art Installation Best Places for Country Music Fans 10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats Only The Rich Can Afford
August 15, 2017 Vallarta to See a Record Number of Visitors Discover 91 Volcanoes in Antarctica Now Has Four Million Listings Around the World Officials are Cracking Down On Illegal Alcohol Driving Vehicles are Heading to Rental Agencies 10 Portuguese Dishes You Need to Try
August 14, 2017 Arrests on Airplanes are Increasing London Hotel Was Designed by a Sculpture Artist Gate Bridge Sues Men Who Climbed It Things to Do with Kids in Cancun Can Buy Harry Potter’s Childhood Home Draw of Toulouse, France Airport Has a Rooftop Pool
August 11, 2017 You Should Travel During ‘Shoulder Season’ Planet to Release ‘Secret Marvels of the World’ Book Can Glamp at this Winery in Paso Robles Overcrowding Threatens Yellowstone ‘Sleep Bus’ Makes L.A. to S.F. Travel Much Easier
August 10, 2017 Branson’s Ski Chalet is the Perfect Swiss Alps Destination is a Favorite of Travel Industry Professionals Airlines is Training its Employees to Save Sex-Trafficking Victims Rica Just Opened a New Sloth Sanctuary Things You Can’t Miss in Panama Airlines Bumping Fewer Passengers than Ever
August 9, 2017 York to Get a Cheetos Restaurant Extends to Antigua Hotels Launches Second U.S. Location Introduces a Visa-Free Entry Program Planes Could Become a Reality Things to See and Do in Belarus
August 8, 2017 Gardens Wins ‘World’s Most Beautiful Amusement Park’ Again Most Instagram Stories are Made in this City Travel Hits a 12 Year High’s a Random Theater Standing in the Swiss Alps Johnson’s Mexican Villa is Now Listed on Airbnb
August 7, 2017 Tower Evacuated Over Terror Threat Cliff Dive from this Jamaican Cafe’s an Oyster Vending Machine in France Airport Hotel Offers Nap Pods Launches ‘Women’s Journey Thailand’ Campaign
August 4, 2017 Airport Vending Machines Sell Uniqlo Gear Travel Has Launched a New Black Sea Itinerary State Parks Roll Out New Reservation System to Open a Huge New Theme Park Your Next Trip Should Include ‘Forest Bathing’ Things to Do with Kids in Sydney
August 3, 2017 Exploring Bordeaux Can Stay in these Free Cabins Flags to Build a ‘Wonder Woman’ Roller Coaster’s Founder Might Launch a New Airline and Lyft Announce Partnership Travelers Will Soon Be Banned from North Korea Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained in Tokyo Things You Can’t Miss in Albania Most Unexpected Foodie Destinations by Continent
August 2, 2017 Outlaws Texting While Crossing the Street to Offer Fitness Classes at London Heathrow to the Cayman Islands is Up Farm Offers Dance Classes With Alpacas Will Remain Linked With Expedia
August 1, 2017 Is the Most Expensive Beach Town in the U.S. Cruises Now Offer Same Sex Weddings Falls Launches New Tourism Brand Eight-Year-Old Girl Just Summited Mount Kilimanjaro is Giving Away a Free Stay to Watch the Solar Eclipse
July 31, 2017 Disney World Resorts Now Offer Online Check-In Launches New baggage Tracking App Cayman Islands are No Longer on the Zika Warning List Opens World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Angeles Will Reportedly Host the 2028 Olympics
July 28, 2017 App Connects Strangers for Dining Experiences While Traveling Hopes that its Rooftops Will Be Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Uruguay to Joint Bid for 2030 World Cup Warns of Tainted Alcohol in Mexico York Might Implement a “Textalyzer” for Drivers and Drink Your Way Through Greece Things to Do with Kids in Paris Things to See and Do in Poland
July 27, 2017’s Miraval Resort Now a Part of Hyatt Points America Launches ‘MasterChef’ Cruise Resorts Aims to Leave Zero Carbon Footprint Las Vegas Clown Motel is Up for Grabs’s a Waterslide in Spain that Goes through a Shark Tank Breathtaking Cultural Festivals Around the World
July 26, 2017 Resort Aulani Launches its First Luau Hotels are Moving to a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy Introduces New Screening Practices Interest in Cambodia is Increasing Launches Flash Sale Unusual, Strange, and Fascinating Things to Do in Taiwan
July 25, 2017 Millennials are Affecting the Beer Industry Cove Launches Shark Swim Experience Garden Inn Reveals a Brand Refresh to Open a New Terminal at JFK Airport Cruise Lines Hosts Seuss-a-Palooza
July 24, 2017 is the Smallest Hotel in the World Orlando Opens New Harry Potter Ride Airlines is Reviewing its Nut Policy Gulf Coast to Get First New Amusement Park in Over Ten Years Books Banned From Checked Luggage at Comic Con Dishes Locals Call Their Own in Australia Things to Do with Kids in Prague
July 21, 2017 Is Launching a Free Wi-Fi App York is Getting a Dog Cafe Introduces ‘Minnie Vans’ Adds a New Adventure to Open a Hotel in Tokyo Best Attractions to Explore in Guyana Things to Do with Kids in New Zealand ILLEGAL To Have Ice-Cream in Back Pocket – Comment Friday #40
July 20, 2017 Aruba is a Family Friendly Spot Phoenix is Such a Popular Travel Destination You’ll Be Able to Rent Cars With Alexa All-Inclusive Resorts are Great for Families New for JetBlue Fliers
July 19, 2017 Can Rent Your Own Private Island in the Bahamas Announces Three New Marvel Rides Airlines Announces Expansion Picchu Introduces New Rules for Tourists Hotel Has Been Called the Best in the World 10 Things to Do in Chile
July 18, 2017 that the Airline Will Never Lose Can Glamp in this Converted Helicopter Airlines Launches a “MexiCaliRica” Sale Polar Express Train to Return to England Launches Libraries for their Kid Passengers
July 17, 2017 Scion Hotel from Trump Group is Delayed All Over the World is Up is Celebrating the Return of ‘Game of Thrones’ Introduces New Ban on Selfie Sticks Justin Bieber is Increasing Interest in Puerto Rico Things to Do in Norway Best Disney World Restaurants Things to Do with Kids in San Francisco
July 14, 2017äagen-Dazs Releases an Alcohol Flavored Line Making Changes to their Seats Introduces New Overbooking Policy Airport is Testing Out a Robot Employee Reveals Model of Star Wars Land LAST EVER Comment Friday! #39
July 13, 2017 Guinness Storehouse is One of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the World ‘Walking Dead’ Themed Cruise is Coming U.K. is Seeing Some Record Travel Numbers Elm is Now Selling Suitcases Footage Catches Tons of Sharks Swimming Under Some Kids
July 12, 2017 Cruise Ships are Gaining Popularity’s a New Way to Look at Jet Lag Caribbean Island that You’ve Never Heard Of’s Alexa Can Now Book Hotel Rooms Airline Might Be the Absolute Best
July 11, 2017 Expeditions Launches Wellness Cruise Anguilla is the Most Popular Island in the Caribbean to Know Before Booking an All-Inclusive Resort to Travel for Cheap Without Sacrificing Luxury Best Way to See the Tulips in Amsterdam This Giant Golden Egg in Sweden Is Actually a Luxury Sauna
July 10, 2017 to Beat Your Jet Lag in One Day Aims to Enhance Tourism Policy You Don’t Necessarily Need to Pay More for Luggage Caribbean is Testing Out a New Drink Policy Opens New Low Cost Hotel
July 7, 2017 France is Now Offering its Own Gum Escobar’s Tulum House is Now a Hotel to Prepare for a Long Drive On Vacation is the Perfect Wine for Your Next Beach Trip Mayor of Capri Says the Island Could ‘Explode’ Things to Do with Kids in Amsterdam
July 6, 2017 People Die Taking Selfies in India than Anywhere Else Hotel is Holding a ‘Bed ‘n’ Binge’ Netflix Watching Event’s How to Stock Up on Music for Your Next Trip’t Try to Bring these Items on an Airplane Item Makes Getting Around the Airport Much Easier
July 5, 2017 in the U.S. are Traveling More than Ever Maldives to Host Wellness Week to Create a Spa Experience in Your Hotel Room Midwest City is Getting Pretty Popular to Look for in a Backpacking Backpack
July 4, 2017 Barbados to Open in Time for the Winter Season is the Most Tourist Friendly Country’s How You Can Get a Free Flight to the Galapagos to Take Underwater Photos Most Common Complaints of Hotel Guests
July 3, 2017 Agents Share the Biggest Mistakes that Travelers Make are the Most Instagrammed Views in the World U.S. is Changing Up its Airport Security Antigua Party Boat is a Tourist Hot Spot Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg
June 30, 2017 Las Vegas Stratosphere Will Become a Best Western Skincare Tips to Keep in Mind Perfume Doubles as a Mosquito Repellant Opens a Nap Cafe Comment Friday #38 – GLASSBOI! Reasons to Take a Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation in Pakistan Best Curry Restaurants in London
June 29, 2017 Luxury Resort in Africa Coming Soon Perfect Opportunity to Buy Some New Luggage Will Make it Easier to Get Last Minute Travel Essentials is Teaming Up With Tinder for a Strange Reason Best Travel Apps for Flying This Boat Lets You Snorkel Without Leaving Your Seat! Travelers Will Love this New App
June 28, 2017 Has Announced a Travel Sale Airlines Launches a Sale News Will Make You Want to Brew Your Own Coffee 5 Worst Places To Live in The U.K. – 2017 Delivery Options to Consider on Vacation App Will Choose Your Best Photos for You
June 27, 2017 York is Opening a Shop Just for Cream Cheese Has a Big Announcement About its Parks Healthy Foods to Take on the Go’re Gonna Want these Rose Popsicle for Your Next Beach Trip World’s Biggest Airport is Coming in 2019 Awesome Solar Panel – Follows the Sun! Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Mongolia
June 26, 2017 Private Jet Service Offers Unlimited Flights to Europe Obamas Head to Bali Genius Suitcase is Also a Desk Should Take Note of this New Security Policy to Know Where it’s Customary to Tip 10 Things NOT To Do in Bolivia – Part 2 Fun Things to Do with Kids in New Orleans
June 23, 2017 PUBLIC DEFECATION! o_O – Comment Friday #37 Best Foodie Regions of India to Hand Wash Your Clothes on Vacation Things NOT to Do in Lebanon to Keep Your Hotel Bathroom Organized Lense can Turn Your iPhone Into a Great Camera Theft While Traveling
June 22, 2017 These Amazing Animal Bridges Save 1000’s of Animals Every Year 10 Things NOT To Do in Bolivia – Part 1 Trip Snacks that Won’t Make a Mess Only Hoodie You Need to Take On Your Next Trip Offers Sale for Northeast Destinations Fans Need to Know About this Policy Change Water Bottle You Can Share With Your Dog
June 21, 2017 This Woman Is A Pickpocket Fighting Vigilante 5 Things NOT To Do in Spain Would Be a Good Time to See the Black Sea to Save Money at Disneyland Airline Will Send You on a Surprise Trip’s a New Airline Specifically for Skiers Can Control the Bellagio Fountains (For a Price)
June 20, 2017 This Boat Comes With a Built-In Submarine! Things NOT to Do While Traveling to Turkey Town Builds a Golden Egg Sauna Might Be Some Super Cheap Hawaii Flights Popping Up You Should Consider a Yoga Retreat for Your Next Trip News, Traveling Makes You More Employable is Now Ice Cream that Tastes Like Pizza
June 19, 2017 Bourdain Won’t Eat Airplane Food Foods You Must Try in Hungary 5 Things NOT To Do in Spain 14 Worst Cities to Live in Great Britain Airport Spa is Offering Free Pedicures You Can Resell those Nonrefundable Hotel Rooms Things NOT to Do in Puerto Rico to Keep Your Bathing Suit in Good Shape All Summer Long to Keep Your Phone Charged On the Go
June 17, 2017 Hidden Decks, Morgues and 5 Other Cruise Ship Inside Secrets!
June 16, 2017 Portable Music Player that Actually Sounds Good Round Beach Towels are the Way to Go World’s Cheapest Private Jet COMMENT FRIDAY #36!! – Back! to Keep Your Toiletries from Spilling While Traveling Easiest Coolers to Tote Around
June 15, 2017 Train Without a Rail, Runs on a Virtual Track! 5 Things Not To Do in Portugal to Beat Jet Lag Land Rover is Investing in Lyft Rock Hotel to Open in Daytona Beach Gummy Bears are Now a Thing Stains on the Go to Do With Your Dirty Laundry on Vacation a Cup of Coffee On the Go
June 14, 2017 So, There’s A Bollywood Theme Park 5 Food Tips When in Portugal Passport Holder Also Charges Your Cell Phone to Choose a Travel Adapter Foods and Dishes to Try Before You Die Perfect Sized Backpack for Day Trips Travel Toothbrush is Genius Makes Deal With Airbnb is Offering Gold Dusted Churros Things NOT to Do in Indonesia Best Chocolatiers in the World
June 13, 2017 Classy on the Go With Silicone Wine Glasses Camping Hammock You Can’t Live Without Can Travel With this Air Conditioner’s Get Free Day at Legoland Hacks to Increase the Relaxation Factor Things to Know Before Visiting Austria A Lush Meadow Flourishing Under Water! Best Pizzerias in Italy
June 12, 2017 World’s Swankiest Rooftop Bars Things NOT to Do in Bolivia Things NOT to Do in Spain to Make a Book With those Travel Photos a Travel Crib to Organize Your Jewelry On the Road Dogs Protecting Penguins Best Travel Candles to Transform Your Hotel Room Launches New Fitness Program 5 Worst Places To Live in Canada
June 9, 2017 You Should Wear Compression Socks on that Flight Platinum Card Holders Now Have Access to More Airport Lounges Best Travel Charger Out There’s Hottest New Boutique Hotel First Luxury Hotel Opens in Cuba Camera Assistant Can Take Your Travel Photos to the Next Level Canceling Earphones that Actually Work Apps Wants to be the “Netflix of Nightclubs”
June 8, 2017 a Free Wedding from the Ace Hotel Peru in this Luxury Sleeper Train is in the Midst of a Three Day Sale Pillows Will Allow You to Get Comfortable On the Plane Customizable Travel Bag Wants to Make Your Life Easier Hollywood Cafe to Reopen Following Renovation Reasons It’s Still Safe to Visit London, Courtesy of #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling 10 Tornado Factoids Things NOT to Do in Fiji 5 Things NOT TO Do in Belgium
June 7, 2017 World to Offer Cinderella Carriage Strollers’s Changi Airport to Open Amusement Park Octopus Chasing a Crab 5 Food No-nos To Avoid in Belgium
June 6, 2017 Support Dog Bites Passenger on Delta Warned to Avoid Notre Dame After Attack Hotels Launches New Hotel Brand Astoria Beverly Hills Now Open Climbs El Capitan Without Safety Gear 10 Best Burger Joints in NYC Worst Places to Live in Canada 5 Things Not To Do in the Bahamas How To Move A 1,100 Ton Medieval Tomb
June 5, 2017 at Disney was Down in 2016 Town in Switzerland Has Banned Travel Photography Might be Withholding Money from Airlines Reverse of the Cuba Policy Would Cost $712 million Cruise Ship Has an Underwater Lounge Adds More Questions to the Visa Appplication Why This Guatemalan Lake Vanished
June 2, 2017 Error Costs British Airways $138 Million Survey Finds What People Don’t Like About Going through Security’s Street View Update Introduces New Options for Viewing Art Appeals Travel Ban to Supreme Court Employee Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer Things NOT to Do in Belgium Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – Parasitoid Wasp 5 Things NOT To Do in Laos’s Largest Catacomb Will Soon Be Open to the Public
June 1, 2017 Republic Approves Smoking Ban Resort Acquiring Saint Lucia Golf Club Launches Fingerprint Recognition Boarding Air Launches Frequent Flier Program for Pets 5 Ways To Offend Locals in Laos Without Knowing These Tree-Shaped Turbines Fit In Your Backyard
May 31, 2017 Air to Add U.S. Flights to Rome With Guns Arrested at Trump’s DC Hotel Now Offering Wellness Options in Room Testing Facial Recognition for Self-Boarding Things NOT to Do in Egypt Things NOT to Do in Portugal Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes To Enjoy Their Golden Years Off-Grid 5 Things NOT To Do in Armenia
May 30, 2017 Preparing for Busiest Tourist Season Yet’s Now a Cruise that’s Only for Millennials Wants to Ban Travel to North Korea Abroad is Good for the Health to Revoke Passports From a Certain Type of Criminal Only Greece Review List You Need to Plan Your Next Trip Announces New Seasonal Service Reports First Zika Cases This Truck Transforms Into A Spacious House! Armenian Street Smarts – Things To Avoid
May 29, 2017 Things NOT to Do in the Bahamas Things NOT to Do in Laos