12 Unusual Hotel Rooms That Are Kinda Cool

Sometimes a hotel is just a hotel, a practical place to crash after a busy day exploring a destination. And sometimes the accommodation is the main destination itself. This collection of extraordinary lodgings around the world are much more than a place to rest your travel-weary head. Come be inspired to live out your childhood dreams by staying in a tree house, lighthouse, igloo, castle or cave. There’s no end to the creative spaces you can spend the night in. Dream on.

1. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres Canada

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Vancouver Island is a perfect setting for hanging in the trees in your own personal orb or cozy sphere built for two. These wooden sanctuary pods take the tree house concept to a whole new dimension. You’ll be gently rocked to sleep with the breeze, suspended like a Christmas ornament under the canopy. This is the very definition of eco-cool accommodation.