Top 10 Destinations to Get Your Drink On

There are places you can visit around the world where drinking is an integral part of the cultural experience. No one is advocating boozing to excess, but sometimes sampling spirits or imbibing brews is how you embrace a regional specialty or celebrate a local festival. It would almost seem rude to abstain. A little responsible reveling can be part of the fun of globetrotting. Consider it doing your part for the good of international relations. Here are 10 party places or festivals around the world where getting tipsy is one of the main attractions.

1. Oktoberfest, Munich

Get tipsy at Oktoberfest

Munich's beer loving Oktoberfest. Prost!

How could you go to this Bavarian beer festival and not quaff some ales? It’s one of the world’s largest festivals and is almost singularly focused on tapping copious kegs and celebrating the almighty brews. It takes place over 16 days from late September to October and draws over 6 million people from across the globe to its tented venues. Sure, there are also rides, games, music and German delicacies to enjoy, but everyone knows it’s all about the beer. In fact, over 6 million liters of the frothy golden liquid is poured each Oktoberfest. Every year many people overestimate their chugging stamina and become what they call Bierleichen (beer corpses) – so try your best to go easy lest you become one of them. The festival has been going strong since 1810 and is an important part of Barvarian culture. Wearing lederhosen or dirndl is optional.