8 Trains with the Most Spectacular Views Imaginable

The adage “it’s the journey not the destination” certainly rings true when it comes to epic train trips. We’re not talking the daily commute here. These particular railway excursions are more about the experience and the views than the A to B transportation. From long distance expeditions to high speed thrill rides, come aboard and check out 8 great journeys with the most spectacular views imaginable from around the world.

1. Orient Express, Europe

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Thank Agatha Christie’s murder mystery for putting this iconic train journey on the literary and legendary map. Officially called the Venice Simplon Orient Express, the glamorous railway ride evokes the golden age of travel. Polished panelling, wood burning stoves, plush fabrics and Art Deco details in the private cabins transport you back to the Roaring Twenties. Attentive stewards cater to your every whim while the dining car prepares sumptuous meals.

Various routes take you through London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul, but the train itself is the main attraction. Not surprisingly, this kind of opulence comes at a first class price point.


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  • Charlieman

    What about the Cape Town to Johannesburg premier class train? I’ve heard that it offers magnificent vistas of what many say is the world’s most beautiful country.

    • 1GG

      There are 2 the Blue Train and the Rovo Rail, both are fantastic.

  • Judith Ann Webster

    Alaska’s state run train from Fairbanks thru Denali National Park to Anchorage. Great views of Alaska’s wilderness and amazing views of the mountains in Denali (including Mt. McKinley)