7 Most Deadly Dangers Down Under

Warning: Travel to Australia may be harmful to your health. In fact, even lethal. Not to scare you away from visiting the wondrous land down under (do go!), but being aware of the deadly and dangerous critters there is just doing due diligence. Sure, you have your cuddly koalas and cute kangaroos to marvel over, but Oz has more than its fair share of creepy crawlies, venomous creatures and perilous predators (not to mention the occasional baby-eating dingo). Here are some of Australia’s most hazardous beasts you never want to meet. While some may not actually kill you, the pain and suffering they impart might make you beg for such mercy!

1. Crocodiles



Northern Australia is chock full of crocks, the largest, most dangerous reptile in the world. Don’t be fooled by their lazy sun-basking demeanor. Saltwater crocodiles can reach 7m, weigh over 2000kg and run up to 10km per hour. They are opportunistic predators who won’t hesitate to take out a human who dares cross its path. You don’t want to do a death roll dance with a saltie. Every year there are reports of attacks and at least one fatality, often tourists who don’t take the warnings seriously. Smaller freshwater crocs are less of a threat to man, but best keep your distance nonetheless.

  • Gavin

    That is NOT a picture of an Australian Box Jellyfish. Besides, this guy is worse: http://www.irukandjijellyfish.com/
    Also, the Great White? Bull Sharks are far worse, and as for the snakes, the Brown is no Taipan, which is far deadlier. The Platypus, what a joke. This is a terribly written article.

    • http://www.destinationtips.com Catherine Forth

      Thanks for pointing out the photo gaff. Should be accurate now. You’re right, there are definitely lots of other deadly dangers down under, this list could expand to 100+. Still one of my favorite countries, though.

  • John

    It is a little off the mark Gavin, but the Platypus has actually been known to kill small dogs with its venom. and the Box Jellyfish is apparently responsible for more human deaths than all other poisonous predators or defensive animal responses in the Continent

  • CQ farmer

    Kangaroos are far from ‘cute and cuddly’. They are responsible killing hundreds of dogs (mostly) and injuring lots of people every year. The claws on there feet are capable of disembowelling a human with ease. They have also developed a trick where the lure a pursuing hunting dog into a body of water and drowning them on purpose.

  • Don417

    at least one fatality, often tourists who don’t take the warnings seriously

    Oh that? That’s called natural selection. Just makes the gene pool stronger to get rid of morons.