11 Eternal Flames That Just Won’t Quit

3. Eternal Fire of Baba Gurgur, Iraq

Eternal Flames of Baba Gurgur, Iraq

Blazing Baba Gurgur, Iraq

This extensive Iraqi oil field has been blazing for over 4000 years, as referenced by ancient Greek Herodotus back in the day. Some scholars believe this was the “fiery furnace” referenced in the Bible (where Nebuchadnezzar tossed Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego). Natural gas seeps up through the rocks and keeps the fires perpetually burning, with no end in sight. Legend has it that shepherds used to gather here in winter to warm their sheep. Locals also used the natural asphalt around the pit to construct roads and buildings. You can see the orange flames from the city of Kirkuk, but visitors should stay upwind when visiting this site as it emits harmful hydrogen sulfide gas.