10 of the World’s Most Haunted Hotels


There are some uninvited guests lurking in these spooky hotels around the world. Ghostly visions of past patrons overstaying their welcome or former employees haunting the halls have been reported. Some hotels try to hush the unnerving rumors up, while others celebrate their resident spirits in their brochures. Whether you believe in paranormal phenomenon or not, it does add an element of intrigue to your stay. Here are ten of the the world’s most haunted hotels that just might keep you up at night.

1. The Stanley Hotel

Haunted Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel, inspiration for The Shining

If you’ve ever seen or read The Shining, this eerie Colorado hotel was former guest Stephen King’s inspiration. Built in 1907 by the founder of Stanley Steamer automobiles, the hotel doesn’t try to hide its paranormal reputation. Rather it hosts ghost tours for visitors who want to learn more about its haunting history. Apparitions of Mr. Stanley and his wife are frequently spotted passing through the lobby and billiard room, and can be heard tinkling the ivories on occasion. Sounds of giggling children are sensed running down the fourth floor corridors (perhaps those nightmarish twins!). Whispering voices and phantom footsteps have been reported, as has the sensation of hands grabbing at guests’ clothing. Room 217 is said to be visited by a deceased former housekeeper, as guests have awoken to blankets mysteriously folded by their beds (got to love a neat-freak ghost). Room 407 sometimes has the aroma of pipe tobacco, said to be from the spirit Earl of Dunraven who occupies the room. Doors opening and closing and lights switching on and off are other signs that something mysterious is going on at the Stanley, or maybe it’s just a drafty old hotel with faulty wiring.