10 Other Leaning Towers That you Never Heard Of

The Leaning Tower of Pisa gets all the fame and glory, but there are plenty of other scenic structures around the world that are a little off-kilter. Some, like Pisa, were built on unstable ground and are precariously close to toppling over. Others were purpose-built at an angle as an architectural quirk. All make great fodder for those irresistible tacky tourist photos where you look like you’re pushing it back into an upright position. Here are ten lesser-known leaning towers around the globe.

10. Leaning Tower of Wanaka, New Zealand

Leaning Tower of Wanaka, New Zealand

Leaning Tower of Wanaka, New Zealand

This extreme tourist tower outdoes them all, jutting out at seemingly impossible 53 degrees while perilously balancing on one corner. How exactly they managed involves a lot of complicated engineering but it’s more fun to keep it a mystery. It’s part of Stuart Landsborough’s off-beat Puzzling World attraction in New Zealand’s Southern Lakes region. The toppling tower was constructed for no other reason than to celebrate illusion and eccentricity.

  • KevinKillion

    Can’t believe you omitted the Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois